Tso Moriri Lake – Ladakh

Tso Moriri- Divine serenity lapped in azure blue waters, shaded by lofty behemoths. Nestled in the heart of Ladakh, Tso Moriri, also famous as the ‘Mountain Lake’, is a stunning alpine lake, and home to unmatched beauty. Perched at 4,522 meters, the glistening, crystal blue lake is towered by mighty mountain ranges, mirrors the sky with beautiful distortions. Decidedly amongst the most popular destinations in Ladakh, the Tso Moriri lake is the highlight of road trips. Housing several species like the Tibetan wolves, wild asses, geese and yaks, the lake provides blissful possibilities of spiritual transcendence, away from the routine hustle and bustle.

Decidedly the most alluring destination in Ladakh, Tso Moriri is a vast alpine lake cradled by mighty snow-clad peaks. Home to a wide array of exotic wildlife species like wild asses, Tibetan wolves, yaks, cows and geese, Tso Moriri offers an experience of Mother Nature in her most divine, untouched forms. The lake remains draped in the relatively less explored nooks of Ladakh, and bears promises of tranquility, solitude and thrill. The night sky is a patchwork of the sprawling arm of Milky Way, adorned with countless stars and constellations! It is beauty unlike any other, and has the potential to change your perspective, and by extension, your life!

Rumtse Tso Moriri Trek

Ladakh | 10D/9N | 15,180 Ft. | July to September

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The itinerary is as follows:

Day 01: Arrive at Leh

Day 02: Explore and acclimatise in Leh

Day 03: Drive from Leh to Rumtse, and trek from Rumtse to Kyamar (4,000 m); 4-5 hours

Day 04: Trek from Kyamar to Tisaling (4,800 m) via Kyumur La Pass (4,870 m); 5-6 hours

Day 05: Trek from Tisaling to Pangunagu (4,398 m) via Shinbuk La (5,016 m); 5-6 hours

Day 06: Trek from Pangunga to Nuruchan (4,500 m); 5-6 hour

Day 07: Trek from Nuruchan to Gyamalhoma (4,950 m); 6-7 hours

Day 08: Trek from Gyamabarma to Korzok (4,550 m); 6-7 hrs

Day 09: Trek from Korzok back to Leh

Day 10: Depart from Leh, end of the trek


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